Life can be exhausting. Even when all is well, stress creeps in, in spite of our best efforts to avoid its calling on our lives! We try, but without adequate down time, we often end up chasing our tails in a futile attempt to cheat the system. REST is not an OPTION! In today’s fast paced whirlwind we call life, where’s the balance? It’s only 20 minutes away!!! Find a quiet place, plug in your headset, take a deep breath and EXHALE…

Stretch Fit & Relax - CD
Stretch Fit & Relax - CD
Item# stretch-fit-amp-relax--cd

Product Description

Our very first Stretch Fit and Relax Session will guide you though approximately 20 minutes of guided imagery, breathing techniques and a tension reducing muscle release that will settle ever part or your being. Then, you will feel your entire body literally unwind with a soothing and invigorating full body stretch guaranteed to leave you feeling settled while having acquired a kinder, gentler approach to the rest of your day…

The Session: Stretch and Relax 22:11

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