Elliptical trainers are one of the most popular pieces of cardio equipment available today. The absence of strong impact and the gentle gliding action makes it the perfect piece of equipment for just about everyone. The only problem… it is possible to CHEAT a little!!! Not on purpose of course, not YOU, but it happens. Well, plug into these workouts and Candace promises to keep you honest. The Elliptical Workouts are for every fitness level. Using a customized scale known as “perceived exertion”, you will achieve MAXIMUM RESULTS in a workout that’s made just for you.

Elliptical Fit Volume I - CD
Elliptical Fit Volume I - CD
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Product Description

Elliptical Fit Volume one will guide you through approximately 40 minutes of fat burning, efficient, fun and seriously effective cardiovascular conditioning.

The Workout: Warm up and Steady Work 8:16, Challenge One 9:55, Steady Work 7:09, Challenge Two 16:36, Cool Down 5:23